Kampung Kolecer Tasikmalaya Gives another Chance for the Local’s to Raise Up

Selasa, 29 Desember 2020 - 10:43
Kampung Kolecer Tasikmalaya Gives another Chance for the Local’s to Raise Up Kampung Kolecer of Tasikmalaya. (PHOTO: Sukri/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, TASIKMALAYAKampung Kolecer gives distinctive scenery to see. As its name Kolecer which means propeller, this village which located at Cisayong Tasikmalaya, West Java has such iconic propellers on one of it spot.

“It was opened on July 2020. It was started when the Chief of the Village (Yudi Cahyudin) wants 1000 propeller patched on the ground,” Egi Supriadi, The Head of the Cisayong Kaler Village District of Tasikmalaya said on Thursday (17/12/2020).

These propellers were to symbolize a strong foundation for the community to build their village through tourism industry. This was also to show how good the relationship between one and another is since they build each of every propeller together.

To make sure the propellers are built at the same time, each of the districts in the village built around 10 propellers. To make them more passionate the Chief of the Village hold a competition and offer them some prize.

The event was so good that there were lots of people coming to see it. This gives lots of local community to introduce their products to the visitor. Now the local field becomes one new spot to go for the local visitors during their leisure time.

Beside the propeller, the local community also builds some shades for the visitors to rest and enjoy the scenery. The shade could accommodate around 50 people at a time.  This makes Kampung Kolecer of Cisayong, Tasikmalaya, West Java become a perfect place for social gathering. (*)


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