Gembus a Typical Street Food of Cilacap

Kamis, 27 Agustus 2020 - 02:56
Gembus a Typical Street Food of Cilacap The local community of Cilacap lines up for Gembus. (Photo: Hermawan Septianto/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, CILACAPCilacap, Central Java has their very own typical street food named gembus. This food looks like donuts with crispy, chewy, and tasty. This food will be perfect when it enjoyed while it’s just came out from the fryer since it will more chewy when it’s cold.

This food will taste so much better when you serve it with ground peanut sauce or just your regular ketchup.

For the local community, this food is such local popcorn to their movie time. They will have it while they watch a local traditional performance such as puppet show, kuda lumping, calung, and many more.

It’s such a common munchies in Cilacap. Lots of people will sell this food on ther food stall vendors such as what Sikun and Watinah do near Bojong Village Meeting Hall.

These two are partner in life as well partner in work. They will open their shop at 16.30-21.00 local western time daily.

As any other food in Indonesia, you could have this food for IDR 500 or around 1 cents. What a perfect food to eat when you have nothing to eat from the first time in the morning.  

Gembus also sit next to Cilacap fritters such as Mendoan (fried tempeh). The local community prefer to enjoy this food by dip it in the delicious tasty ground peanut sauce. (*)


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