Jerat Lanjheng, One Alternative Place to Visit in Bawean

Rabu, 26 Agustus 2020 - 23:37
Jerat Lanjheng, One Alternative Place to Visit in Bawean Jerat Lanjheng beach at Bawean, Gresik, East Java. (PHOTO: Akmal/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, GRESIKGresik trying to bring all their beaches out to the public including Jerat Lanjheng. Jerat Lanjheng is a beach located in Lebak, Sangkapura, Bawean, Gresik, East Java. This place offers the beauty of black volcano sand along the coast.

Jerat Lanjheng is actually not a new tourist destination. This place has become one tourist attraction by the local community. Yet, recently the local government decided to    introduethis place more to the country.

Surrounded by the lush of green trees, this beach has beautiful black volcano sand along the beach. It has a calm waves. You could also ride a canoe to tour around the beach.

“This beach has such a big potential for tourism. And the local government will try to support this beach to be an eye catching tourist destination just like the local community’s will,” Fadal, The Chief of Lebak Village said on Wednesday (26/8/2020).

He also hope that one day Jerat Lanjheng beach of Gresik will be one beach that has a place in everyone’s heart especially the visitors. Meanwhile, they will keep maintaining the beach and turn it into a beautiful tourist destination.



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