Damai Indah Hill Pangandaran, Best Place to Have Your Lunch

Rabu, 30 Desember 2020 - 08:51
Damai Indah Hill Pangandaran, Best Place to Have Your Lunch A giant hand, one of spot to explore for selfie at Damai Indah Hill. (Photo: Rizal/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – There is nothing better than to have a lunch in such beautiful place accompanied with the beauty of the local scenery. This is what Damai Indah Hill Pangandaran trying to offer.

Located at Parigi, Pangandaran, West Java this hill has such an amazing view of local scenery. This place is actually an eatery that has been turned into some tourism destination.

As an eatery, Damai Indah hill has several shades that you could use for dining. The shade mainly made of wood which make it seems blend with the nature.

Nasi Jolem is their main signature dish which offers the local taste of delicacy. They also has some other dishes such as grilled fish or beef, nasi goreng or fried rice and more.

Beside the tasty delicious dishes, you will be pampered with amazing scenery of the urban life down there from this place. Several spot were also made to make it the customers feel more comfy and enjoy their dining more.

“This place was built in 2018. We directly prepared everything after we bought the area. We planned to add some more picturesque spot and some public pool for the visitors,” Yuli Suprapti, the Owner of Damai Indah Hill Pangandaran said. (*)


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