Warung Bunga Gives You Another Dining Experience

Kamis, 21 Januari 2021 - 01:26
Warung Bunga Gives You Another Dining Experience Warung Bunga at Jatirejo, Diwek, Jombang, where you could enjoy your lunch while surrounded by thousands of beautiful flower. (Photo : Rohmadi/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, JOMBANG – People have gone crazy about flowers. It can't be denied, flowers is somehow therapeutic. But what if you had your lunch while surrounded by thousands variety of flower? It's real, and you can have it at Warung Bunga Jombang.

Located at Jatirejo, Diwek, Jombang, East Java this restaurant will give you an exotic experience of enjoying your dishes in the middle of flowers. The owner of Warung Bunga Hadi Purwanto said that it he started to nursing the flower since 2010.


The idea was coming from his job as a garden sculptor. With the high price of flowers Hadi decided to start nurturung his own plants and flowers. He made a nursery house and add some shades for the customers to enjoy their food.

Lots of people coming to this place for its atmosphere.  "The Deputy Major was once having a meeting at this place. He suggested me to open a restaurant in this place for it's so cozy," Hadi said.


You could have the food starting from IDR 8-10 K. Lots of local spicy dish such as penyet tahu tempe, penyet lele, penyet telur, penyet ayam could be enjoyed at this restaurant. 

"Warung Bunga has around 700 variety of flowers from cactus, orchid, aloevera, and more. People mostly coming to this restaurant for the nice atmosphere and some food for their lunch," Hadi of Jombang ended. (*)


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