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Ascott Care, an Ultimate Service of TAUZIA Hotels

Minggu, 19 Juli 2020 - 03:52
Ascott Care, an Ultimate Service of TAUZIA Hotels Ascott Care implementation in Harris Hotel Sunset Road Bali. (Photo: Harris Sunset Road Bali)

TIMESINDONESIA, BALI – Tauzia Hotels which manage several prominent hotels in Indonesia trying to pamper all their guests and visitors with Ascott Care, their brand-new program during this pandemic. This program was aimed to give an ultimate service through a high sanitary standard to ensure the guests safety and comfortability during their stay in their hotels.

“This program includes disinfect every room and public area. Checking everyone’s body temperature before entering the hotel, and order the staffs to wear a PPE,” Chief Operating Officer TAUZIA Hotels, Patrick Vaysse said in statement.

While checking in the guests will be asked whether has they visit several area with high risk of Covid-19. They will also ask all the guests to always put on their mask except when they are in their room.

Tauzia Hotels will limit the hotel capacity to welcome their guests in to half of their regular capacity. They will also limit the number of guests flocking in the front desk. Physical distancing will also be strictly implemented on every area of the hotel.  

The same thing happens in the restaurant, Tauzia Hotels will provide a digital menu to the guests that they can access through a QR Code which you can scan through a third-party application. This was aimed to minimize physical contact between the guests and the hotel staffs.

All the waitress and chefs at the restaurant and kitchen will use a proper PPE such as mask, gloves, and face shield. These was all as one of the implementations of Ascott Care program of Tauzia Hotels to gain more of their customers’ trust and give the guests a real ‘Safe Travel’. (*)


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