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Sego Pecel Kertosono, Another Way of Serving Your Salad with Peanut Sauce

Minggu, 09 Agustus 2020 - 06:17
Sego Pecel Kertosono, Another Way of Serving Your Salad with Peanut Sauce Illustration - Nasi Pecel. (Photo: sambalsemarang)

TIMESINDONESIA, KERTOSONO – May be you have been familiar with what so we called as Nasi Pecel or Nasi Pecel. Just to remind you in case you forget, Nasi Pecel is a local dish which consists of rice, salad, poured with ground peanut sauce. But you might need to check the way Sego Pecel Kertosono served.

Sego Pecel Kertosono as any other Nasi Pecel also served with generous peanut sauce poured on top of the rice. Yet, what make this dish different is the side dishes that accompany this dish.


When normally Nasi or Sego Pecel accompanied with fried tempeh and crackers, the local community of Kertosono will have fritters, sweet quail egg satay, salted egg, and many more. You could take anything you want that served by the food shop.

The will also serve it conventionally by using a triangled banana leave. The leaves will make the taste richer and leaves a pleasant smell. Eating this dish with a bare hand has become a tradition for the local community. But you also could ask for some spoon if you think you need one.

In their original place, Sego Pecel Kertosono will be enjoyed by sitting directly on the floor with a thin mat as the bed. You could have this dish anytime in Kertosono East Java since there will be lots of food shop or street food vendors serve this dish in a very affordable price. (*) 


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