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Get an Exotic Taste of Nasi Campur at Aston Hotel Sidoarjo

Minggu, 09 Agustus 2020 - 05:23
Get an Exotic Taste of Nasi Campur at Aston Hotel Sidoarjo The Nasi Campur of Aston Hotel Sidoarjo, East Java. (Photo: Doc. Aston)

TIMESINDONESIA, SIDOARJO – In order to celebrate The 75th Indonesia Independence Day, Aston Hotel Sidoarjo would like present a wonderful local delicacy, Nasi Campur. This dish will bring you a marvelous combination of several food into one perfect dish.

"Nasi Campur has become one authentic local delicacy that has been known by all the local community. Yet, our Nasi Campur's will be far more beyond your expectation," Suherman, the Executive Chef of Aston Sidoarjo City Hotel & Conference Center said.


Still according to him, this dish will be served on a beautiful presentation of potato cake, sauted chicken intestine, Javanese fried noodle, sweet and savory sauted green bean, fried shredded coconut, spicy fried chicken and some other side dishes.

Aston Hotel also served a companion beverage that match to this dish. They has Es Kibar which made of watermelon and lychee juice. The drink arranged in red and white color to match the Indonesian flag.

You could have Nasi Campur of Aston Hotel Sidoarjo for IDR 45 K and IDR 38 K for a glass of Es Kibar. The Nasi Campur and Es Kibar will surely give you a unforgettable exotic local taste. (*) 


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