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Dangke Cheese of Buffalo Milk, How Does It Taste?

Senin, 25 Januari 2021 - 03:31
Dangke Cheese of Buffalo Milk, How Does It Taste? The look of Dangke Cheese. (Photo: Instagram/ eva_camunu)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – It feels awkward to hear about cheese made of buffalo milk. But it's real. You could found these kind of cheeses at Enrekang  South Sulawesi. This cheese is so called as Dangke Cheese by the local community.  

Dangke cheese is made basically from buffalo milk. In the process of production, some papaya sap into it. This sap used to separate the fat and the water of the milk. 

The local community of Enrekang made these chesse traditionally. They really start it from the bottom with conventional tools and equipments they have.

Keju-Dangke-3.jpgPhoto: Instagram/ dianandariskia

They even used coconut shell for the media. The taste? Well it's absolutely delicious just like those premium quality cheese you have in the market. It taste a bit salty. The local community will eat together with bread, rice or the local sambal. 

Hear said this Dangke Cheese was firstly introduced at the colonial time. The Dangke was derived from Dutch language 'dankjewel' which means thank you. The locals used to made this cheese for the Dutch by that time.

The dutch appreciates their work and said thank you tot he locals. They heard it as Dangke. And since then the cheese was named as Dangke Cheese. (*)


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